Wednesday, November 6, 2013

5 Offbeat Ways to Promote your Mobile Apps

When you demand is to create an own mobile apps for the corporate, the first step would have been approaching a Mobile Apps Development Company who understands your needs. Many do this. Whilst a New York report admit by stating, there are almost a million apps on the iTunes app store and Google Play is overflowing with over 750,000 apps.

So, the fact is that if a user is browsing for apps and doesn’t find you on the top listed ones, there is no way you can get a good number of downloads from the app store. Here are five offbeat ways of promoting your mobile application.

Entangle within similar apps: Have you developed a game app? Despite spending lot of money on marketing your app in the print media or games blogs, find those who enjoy playing the kind of mobile games that you have created. It is also possible to do an exchange where mobile developers will place his ad in your app and vice versa.

Users To Rate Your App: A higher rating in the app store means more downloads. Therefore, let your users spread the word about it. One creative way to identify a loyal segment of users that would be most likely to rate your app positively is to use in-app messaging to run an NPS survey.

Video Blogs: Not all people read blogs and articles but watching videos is the other way.  Creating videos that shows the conceptualization, development and designing of your app not only a marketing tactic but also creates a buzz among mobile app developers those looking for tips.

Forums and Discussions: Most of the times, forums help application developers to answer the simple questions. Meanwhile, you can pro-actively hunt for questions to which your app could be the right answer.

App of the Day:
Last but not least, have your app featured on an “App of the Day” service, such as App-o-Day? Keep in mind these services showcase what they deem the latest and greatest apps directly to the user’s Smartphone for free. 

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