Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Features of Android App Development

With each day passing, the demand for mobile application development is drastically increasing. This is why professional Android developers focus on the apps speed, convenience, integration and security that the app has to ultimately offer to the end user.

Here Are A Few Features of Android App Development

Utility Apps: One of the main reasons why Android applications are getting popular is the utility of them. Whilst some are developed for mass users while others make apps on demand and these are the customized applications that serve the purpose of entertainment.

Healthcare Apps: The health care android apps are in much demand as people are getting cautious of their health. Android Applications features to monitor the heartbeat of the patient and even their blood pressure real time. So that contacting patient's doctor is ease whenever the numbers cross the alarming number the doctor will be send a message about patient's health.

Cross-Platform Compatibility
Android penetrates through the stereotypical standards of proprietary operating systems on mobile phones by using distinct application programming interface libraries. With OEM and cross-carrier compatibility, app developers make use of a consistent set of elements during the app development process.

Online Marketing Tool: The ultimate aim of making apps to reach out the masses and earn a good sum. Dedicated markets available for different platforms like Google Play for Android Apps, iTunes store for Apple and similarly windows store for windows apps. Thus, every mobile application is a very useful tool for marketing.

Thanks to the many professional Android app development companies, New York and developers who try hard to deliver an optimal user experience in the face of limited processing resources like RAM speed, restricted resolution capacity, unstable data transmission connections and limited battery life.

At Openwave, we build highly engaging & powerful mobile applications for every platforms, be it Android or iPhone.  Since our major focus, over the past 10+ years, is towards contributing creative mobile apps our experts build the right apps understanding the requirements and applying the latest technology to give shape to your business.

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