Monday, September 16, 2013

Simple 4 Questions before Hiring an Android App Developer

Globally, Android is spreading across like a wildfire. The increase in activations more than 500,000 every single day, Android OS is growing ignorable. In that case, cost effective app development is made possible by hiring Android apps developers from offshore locations. However, it is not that easy to find the right developer for your project. So, hope these questions help you in achieving the needful.

App Development Duration: Your first question must be about the development cycle for an average Android app. ideally it takes 2-6 months. In case, if you want your app fast, hire Android apps developers from a company that has the ability to work fast based on your requirements. Pin down the company to a certain date of delivery and ensure that the company has a track record of meeting deadlines. 

Previous Experience towards Working Similar Application Development Projects: A well-reputed mobile app Development Company will usually have developers who possess sound industry knowledge. They will bode well for the future of your applications as well. 

Security measures: while hiring an Android developer from either onshore or offshore location, check for their companies’ security possible. Check for chances if your source code be stolen or reused. Are they trustworthy developers to keep your idea under wraps during the period of development? If you have no idea, its better choose company that has ISO certifications ensuring the security of your code and your app. 

Cost effective: One of the known facts is that offshore companies charge less when compared to their counterparts in US or UK. Still the cost may differ from company to company. So, follow these rules:

·         Make a shortlist of the number of companies that interest you and ask them for a free quote.
·         Then take a look at the services they have been included as a part of the app development project.
·         Don’t fall for the cheapest one. Instead, go for a mobile development company that offers security, expertise and support at affordable rates. 

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