Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The 5 Greatest Practices to Develop a Mobile App

While the competition is always on fire, companies feel the pressure to deliver super mobile experience to its customers that lasts long and has the right impact. Mobile app development methodologies are getting redefined with upcoming Smartphone and tablets.

Let’s get to know a few basic principles before developing a mobile app.

Native apps are primarily the conventional mobile apps. With high capability to storing explicitly on the device these apps integrates Smartphone features and functionality.  Not only they use APIs provided by OS vendor, but often they have the visual feel of the mobiles they are stored upon.

Embedded with powerful browsers like HTML 5 capabilities, CSS3, and advanced JavaScript, Smartphone has taken a master place for itself. This trend has gained momentum in the recent years.
When there is a strategy to develop flexible mobile application the hybrid apps comes into the play. This touts of all benefits of a native application are developed using web technologies. Not to forget, some of the elements of the apps are also developed using this.

Privacy Policy Recommendations: A Mobile Application Developer should respect the users and create a privacy policy that explains what data you collect and the user practises. Building a privacy policy is an important process, even if you do not believe that you are collecting or using data that would trigger privacy concerns. Also, it should be in detail depending on the information that you collect and use.

Camera and Geo Tagging: For Apps that takes photo, explain your user that geo tagging is applicable which means the location where the photo/ video taken is revealed.

Automatic Sharing: Many social platforms now enable “social sharing” in which a user can share information automatically with other platform users with no big effort. If your application engages in frictionless sharing, provide a clear notice and make sure that users know when automatic sharing is enabled.


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