Friday, July 19, 2013

Android vs. Blackberry: Choice Is Yours

Google's Android operating system (OS) is becoming more widely used at work. Their app developers come up with innovative ideas that turns out to be the very option for firms that don't want to spend a fortune on mobile devices. Moreover, the low cost of Android smartphones compared with those running other OSs such as BlackBerry's is one attraction helps to enhance the familiarity amidst the consumer market.

On the other hand, BlackBerry is still most prominent in the workplace as many CEOs are worried about integrating Android into their businesses because of concerns that it is insecure. Besides, enterprise users will soon be able to partition Android in the same way as BB10 using Knox software. The company is hoping to take on BlackBerry and bolster the adoption of its Android devices in business by offering a more secure version of the OS separating business and personal information on smartphones.

Developed by the National Security Agency (NSA), the Knox software runs a security enhanced version of Android and users get enterprise-focused tools such as email, contacts, file sharing, CRM and business intelligence applications. It doesn’t matter what kind of Mobile application development you are into: be it Android or BlackBerry or even Apple’s iOS, the security measures are crucial.  In order to meet that, a well planned strategy is needed involving measures such as remote wiping if a phone is lost or stolen plus a code of practice for employees that include rules on multiple uses.
As the android app development companies continue to expand and iOS bleeds into the corporate space from consumer popularity it’s clearly understood that BlackBerry may have a tough task on its hands remaining relevant in the SMB space. But if there a security strategy in place it’s sure that Android can provide benefits to many SMBs.

With BlackBerry's recent indications, there is one more twist to the plot that it is working on a secure workspace for Android and iOS apps on its phones. No wonder this may be a little harder for the business user to decide which of the two they should choose.

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