Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Top 3 Wits and Facts about HTML5 to Deal with Responsive Design

In the so called technology world, everything has become responsive now. So, let’s focus on emerging techniques for site layouts that can be easily changed based on screen size. And this article talks about some essential yet common practices for creating Responsive Web Design and experiences. Below are some effective ways through which you can get to know how your website looks on different devices resolutions.

Site layout: One of the most important factors of Web site design is its Grid-based layout. Inspite of various websites that are easily visualized as a series of rectangles for page factors like site navigation, website content, headers, footers, sidebars, etc, the use of HTML5 for responsive site can make the grid layout agnostic according to the user’s screen size. This means, it is enough to concentrate on managing content and layout for scaling to as much screen size is available rather than giving 2-3 fixed-width layouts. Isn’t that cool!

Enhanced Touch Screen Experience: For any Mobile App Development, it is must for every developer to minimize interactions, especially for touch users. Also, you must be aware of lot of text inputs available. With HTML5 Development, the type attribute for the input tags are also extended to add semantic meaning to a textbox. -

Auto-fill Performance: Last but not least, if you are check at the latest browsers, it is very clear that these analyse optimization and attributes the layout of the touch-screen keyboard consequently. Take for e.g. When a user taps the browser’s touch keyboard to dial a number, it importantly show a numpad that will auto filter the “@ key” and “.com key” to ease our job as we tap on the email address field. It may look simple but this simple trick can easily enhance overall form-filling performance of mobile site that especially created for touch-screen phones and tablets.

As end notes, HTML5 is very supportive for mobile apps development for different browsers as well as platform including iOS and Android. Openwave Computing LLC, a professional web/app development company located in New York, NY deploys the capabilities of HTML5 at the maximum to present high-standard web solutions. Be it games or business application, we follow calculative techniques to solve newly arising dares in the responsive design space. A better way to handle the changing world of devices!


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