Saturday, August 17, 2013

How HTML5 Services Wobble the Small Businesses

Web technology has always amazed the business growth saving time at the same time offering amazingly functional online identities. For instance, open source was one such web technology while HTML 5 services are rising for small businesses to write new chapters in their growth histories. Irrespective of many technologies medium and large sized businesses have the financial strength to use any and every technology under the sun, but if you see through the eyes of a small business, the needs for HTML5 application development is liable and let’s see, how?

Flexible: Highly fashionable amidst customers, its integrating elements such as audio, video and canvas, HTML5 App Development  present web content in the most dynamic way. Plus, its flexibility to integrate with Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) content and MathML for mathematical formulas let businessmen choose this to push their business growth.

Responsive: With the course of time, the chances for mobile devices over taking desktop are getting distinct. Perhaps, the concept of Responsive Design based on HTML5 has entered the main stream to developing responsive websites for businesses with a single onetime investment. Thus, owning a responsive website means to save thousands of dollars.

Storage:  The local storage feature being one of the coolest things about HTML5, better than cookies, storage across multiple windows with esteemed security and performance even after the browser is closed.

As per the Global Developer Survey conducted in 2013, over 5000 developers use HTML5 and 90% are planning to do so in coming years; Out of which 29% developers are working for small business, 51% work in small and medium industries, and 20% are already interested in HTML5 and will develop HTML5 applications in 2013. If you still want to know about how HTML5 development can boost your business, check with Openwave Computing LLC, one of the best known for HTML services located in New York with well-versed HTML5 Developers

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