Monday, December 2, 2013

5 Deadly Sins in Android App Development

Android Application development is a professional process which needs a lot of expertise. With the changing trends in business market, there are few key areas where in even expert Android app developers tend to compromise.

This article showcases few deadly mistakes that a developer must be aware of during Android app development.

Compatibility Check: Android has seen frequent updates and there are too many versions of the OS in the market now. If an application is developed with any one specific version of the OS, chances are there that it might even crash when run on earlier versions of Android.  Therefore, proper testing across multiple OS versions is important.

The UI Challenge: User interface design is very crucial in Android application development and also often the most neglected. With a variety of screen sizes, application development for android is a great challenge to ensure that the app looks good in all screen sizes and resolutions.

Battery Life of a Device: Developers just consider the accessory but it is not all that. If your application takes a toll on the phone’s battery life then chances of using the application is very less. Plus, another flaw seen in Android Development is that developers create bulky widget that cause higher load time and also drains the battery faster.

Often Low in Priority: Sometime it might seem awesomely coded applications but might lack a good UI design. If App Developers create apps that are not usable then the possibility of application usage are pretty less which would mean all the hard work go worth less.

No-Proper Memory Resource Management: Most applications don’t effectively use the available memory resources. An android app when running should use as minimum memory as possible as it is can lead to sluggishness in the device and will bring down its efficiency.

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