Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mobile App Jungle- Hunt Your Apps

If you are a Smartphone user, you are well aware about the number of apps available on the store. One of the greatest marketing challenges faced by Mobile Application Developer is being discovered, i.e. breaking through the congestion in app store and place it in front of user eyeballs. With Google Play and App Store now reporting over 700 thousand listed apps, browsing through them is ineffective, if at all possible. In fact, large app stores increasingly resemble the web when it comes to discovering content: it’s a jungle out there.

Vying To Solve Issues for Online Store

Smartphone App Development Companies NYC which are involved directly or indirectly with the online app store. Here, discovery of apps is a challenge for both publisher and the user. Often the incentives are misaligned: publishers want their content in the field of view of every potential customer while users want their field of view clutter-free and occupied by what’s relevant to them. Balancing these incentives is tough and cannot be manageable online. There is a saying, “when there’s a problem, there is an opportunity”! This is applicable for Mobile App Development where apps are developed for various platforms, domains, verticals but are they meeting your target audience is the question here. App-store is vying to solve the discovery problem by providing some of the best solutions (e.g. daily deals, cross-promotion) for both publishers and users. These platforms often have to compete with or challenge native app-store mechanisms and policies as in the case of incentivized download. App Developers in New York is criticizing app stores for lack of innovation in app-discovery. Apple’s redesigned App store is beneficial with mixed feedback. The new updated designed version page is for the users to discover and acquire apps not for the publishers.

As Chris DeVore points out: “Blaming the app stores for poor discoverability is a little like blaming Google for not putting your site on the first page of results — getting found is the responsibility of the publisher, and is as much a part of the entrepreneurial game as building a great product”.
Apps Development NYC is extremely essential for all platforms but Social discovery is much a better option for aligning developer incentives with user incentives when it comes to app discovery.

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