Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Develop Hybrid Applications for Betterment

If you are deciding on developing an app, you will surely face the classic Appster dilemma: should I go with native apps or build mobile web app. Well, if you take the route to native apps, the only benefit you get is you develop a “real” app that lives and breathes right within your phone, access GPS, Camera and other file systems. But the other disadvantage is that you can run those applications on your platform you have built for. If you want your iPhone Application Development to support other platforms too, then you need to develop your app from scratch!

If you go with mobile web applications, your app is essentially a website format substantially fitting in your mobile screens. You just code it once in HTML/ JavaScript/ CSS and Voila and then it can run on your phone with a modern browser. Here is the catch. It runs on the browser, makes the working slow and does not make or give you a feel of an app. It does require internet connection to work and not to mention, you don’t get the same capabilities of the phone that a native app can.

If You Are Looking For The Best, Then Here Comes Hybrid Apps.

Manage your native and web apps with Hybrid Apps

Yes, download and install apps just like you do usually and then run them locally on your phone as native apps. However these apps are written with the flavor of HTML/CSS/JavaScript much like a mobile web app, yet you still have the ability to access all the apps with your present phone functionalities. Well, not to mention they can run on almost every platform available. Now you would be wondering how a native app can be written in HTML. Well for iPhone Web Application Development, a Hybrid app allows you to have the platform independence of a mobile web app without the requirement of running it on a browser and internet connection. This type of application works through the use of middleware framework like PhoneGap or These frameworks essentially host and run apps code written in HTML/CSS/JavaScript within a generic native app container. This container exposes access to phone camera, GPS and other hardware to app code it host through custom APIs that are accessible from JavaScript. You can write the entire app in HTML/JavaScript/CSS but still you can run them locally as a native app and access all the functionalities that a native app traditionally provides you with.

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