Tuesday, August 27, 2013

5 Significant Features of HTML5 One Ought To Know

Mobile app development is one of the booming fields that has an extensive growth and promises a great future for the companies. But most of the mobile app development company has to keep itself updated with the changing technologies to win this race and the most recent adoption is Responsive Design. Buckle up and get ready to know more.

HTML5 was created to make the coding process easier and more logical. The unique and impressive features of HTML5 are in the multimedia department. It also makes it easy to adapt the look and layout of a webpage to a mobile device's screen. Besides, many of these features have been created with the consideration that users should be able to run heavy content on low-powered devices. 

With respect to videos: Using HTML5, designers can now build web pages without having to resort to third-party proprietary plug-in software like Flash. Needless to say, built-in video controls make the feature more attractive and easy to use. Did you know? Now, YouTube is using HTML 5 to display video.

With respect to Application cache: Do you find the lines of Outlook difficult to follow up client’s requirements?  You can now store web apps much like emails locally. Did you know? Google has already adapted HTML 5 by replacing its Google Gears mail client. 

With respect to Image Canvas: The canvas element that comes with HTML 5 lets you manipulate graphics and photos enabling easy rendering of images and save development time and effort. Say adieu to intermediate technologies like jQuery.

With respect to location barrier: As name indicates, the HTML5 Geo-location feature locates a place using various geo location technologies IP address, GPS (Global Positioning system), RFID (Radio frequency ID), GSM/CDMA cell Ids and many more

With respect to Web workers: This enables a web application to execute complex tasks without interfering with the performance of a webpage in real-time.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

3Fundamentals of API for Entrepreneurs to Maximize the Business Sales

Needless to say, from entrepreneur to tycoon, everybody is looking forward to integrating mobility in their businesses. This calls for the role of APIs (Application Programming Interface) in mobile strategy to help maximize revenue and run business smoother than ever. Mentioned below are few basics of API to help you serve the purpose of reaching a larger crowd of customers.

Payment Card Industry Standard (PCI):  Mostly, mobile devices with API take orders, offers any service related information along with a secured payment gateway.  So, extending ecommerce to mobile apps development is a great start. In case of using native apps for your business it is enough to encrypt data and ask PCI auditors to include APIS to their scopes. Eventually, you can reach a wider audience and build faith for a secured transaction.

Go Mobile: Though the use of Smart phones is on rage, they have limited processing power and bandwidth. While developing APIs for mobile, you can ask the API developers to minimize the response size.

Traffic Management: You might be confused to choose between cloud computing and local server to support your APIs. In that case, here we come with our bag of tricks! Mobile strategy business planning replicates the traffic management. Despite the cloud based delivery platform suitable for easy deploying and high performance caching, techies suggest that on-premises data management is preferred if you are concerned about better control and security.

At Openwave, we design, build and maintain mobile applications based on your unique requirements.  Also, when we talk to our clients, amongst the first thing we ask them is about how ready they are with API. Apart from help them achieve the best return of your investment (ROI) it also make their products and services to reach millions of people across globe. It’s also heartening to see how some enterprises and even Governments have taken a lead with respect to this. A New York report says, the US Govt provides access to a lot of Government data via API's and encourages mobile app developers to create interesting apps with it. What are you waiting for? Call us now @ 212.209.1537

Saturday, August 17, 2013

How HTML5 Services Wobble the Small Businesses

Web technology has always amazed the business growth saving time at the same time offering amazingly functional online identities. For instance, open source was one such web technology while HTML 5 services are rising for small businesses to write new chapters in their growth histories. Irrespective of many technologies medium and large sized businesses have the financial strength to use any and every technology under the sun, but if you see through the eyes of a small business, the needs for HTML5 application development is liable and let’s see, how?

Flexible: Highly fashionable amidst customers, its integrating elements such as audio, video and canvas, HTML5 App Development  present web content in the most dynamic way. Plus, its flexibility to integrate with Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) content and MathML for mathematical formulas let businessmen choose this to push their business growth.

Responsive: With the course of time, the chances for mobile devices over taking desktop are getting distinct. Perhaps, the concept of Responsive Design based on HTML5 has entered the main stream to developing responsive websites for businesses with a single onetime investment. Thus, owning a responsive website means to save thousands of dollars.

Storage:  The local storage feature being one of the coolest things about HTML5, better than cookies, storage across multiple windows with esteemed security and performance even after the browser is closed.

As per the Global Developer Survey conducted in 2013, over 5000 developers use HTML5 and 90% are planning to do so in coming years; Out of which 29% developers are working for small business, 51% work in small and medium industries, and 20% are already interested in HTML5 and will develop HTML5 applications in 2013. If you still want to know about how HTML5 development can boost your business, check with Openwave Computing LLC, one of the best known for HTML services located in New York with well-versed HTML5 Developers