Wednesday, April 22, 2015

4 Things You Should Integrate With Your Mobile Payment App

Most mobile apps today are made with a good UI and functionality. But what assumes greater important with growing customer demand is the features that have been integrated along with it. This could well be said to determine even the success or failure of the app. For example, users of Starbucks would know that it is not just a mobile payment app. Combined with a loyalty program, debit note and store locator among many other features integrated into it, it is no wonder that it continues to perform much to the chagrin of its competitors.

Experts would tell you that you should think carefully about how your mobile payment app would fit in your overall enterprise mobility program. This is in contrast to the unplanned approach that many organizations take. In this article, we look at four things that you should be looking at integrating with your mobile payment app.

1. Integrating rewards programs

A survey by Compete shows that no less than 30 percent business firms who sold their products electronically integrated loyalty apps with their enterprise apps. This is not only a money saver, but a great time saver too.

2. Tracking financial records

One common feature among mobile payment apps is that the payment is reflected in the financial statement immediately. A survey conducted by Accenture shows that 60 percent of users would pay through a mobile payment app if they kept track of receipts.

3. Focus on UX

A casual reading of the reviews of an app would tell you that it is the UX that most often brings you negative reviews. Set the toughest parameters to ensure UX issues are chaffed out well before the app reaches production. This is extremely important as once the app is out there, no amount of post-facto correction will set right the damage done by a bad review.

4. Security

This goes without saying. Security is paramount not only for payment apps, but also for the rest (in fact, the entire enterprise mobility program), as users today are extra careful about data theft and privacy issues. Since mobile apps access corporate service servers all the time, safety of the confidential data stored in the server is important.


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