Monday, April 27, 2015

Benefits of Payment Channel Diversification for Mobile Banking

Technology has developed greatly in the last two years and it is mobile that has led from the front.  Advances in technology, especially in regards to devices, computers and other forms of modern communication have seen great strides and advances in the last couple of years. Modern technology now allows mobile phone owners and users the ability to access the internet, shop and undertake many other activities that were unheard of just a couple of years back.

One of the most recent developments is the use of mobile banking and the ability to make mobile payments. Mobile banking is the process of performing banking activities from the comfort of the home or office by using a compatible mobile phone. This means that by using a mobile phone, a customer can access their bank account, check their account balance, transfer money to other accounts, make payments and be alerted whenever money is deposited or withdrawn from their account. This is a huge development that introduces convenience to bank customers. The customers are saved the time and effort of having to travel to the bank or ATM machine to perform any simple transaction.

The ability to make mobile payments basically implies that a shopper or customer at any establishment can use their mobile phone to make payments for any goods, products or services they have bought. There are certain applications that enable users of hand-held devices to have money on their mobile phones which they can use to purchase goods and products, make payment for services, pay bills or even send cash to their friends or family.

There are plenty of benefits and applications of these two banking systems. When using mobile payments, a customer can safely spend their money without the added risk of carrying physical cash on them. This reduces the risks of theft or loss. Payments using mobile phones are fast, safe and secure. They can be safely used to purchase and make payments online at any time, with no need for a cashier. The technology used in mobile money systems is quite advanced and has ensured that very little opportunity exists for breaches of the system.

Mobile banking has found applications in many different areas. In developing countries, remote areas that have little or no access to amenities can undertake mobile phone banking services. This ensures these residents have an opportunity to enjoy regular banking services without the need to go hundreds of miles in search of a physical bank.


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