Monday, April 6, 2015

How You Can Execute App Built to Perfection?

How to decide if your mobile app is well-built? How do you know you do not need any external assistance when you build an app amidst all roaming security threats? Irrespective of the Open Source platform under discussion (be it iOS or Android), or other internal mobile app project, a single gifted developer can create simple design and develop the entire app with the available online tutorials, Google searches, and some genuine novelty.

However, it is very important to consult SMEs (subject matter experts) to make sure that the app you build is a successful one that earns you a good profit and satisfies your needs. Are you found wanting in any area where new app development project requires assistance? In this article, we look where you might require external assistance most and why.
Areas where you may require help (specifically on the Execution front)
Multiple Mobile Platforms
It may make sense to build for multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone depending on the type of mobile application you need. Approaching a professional app development company only lets you use a “one-stop-shop” and you can receive valuable advice on the various nuances of each platform too.
Rich Media Tools For User Experience
Features like animations, calculators, Infographics and dynamic data display or visualizations are the best tools that enhance user-experience. Each of these can efficiently execute your vision but anything the same time; can also expose potential errors in the process.
Visual Appeal for Branding
One of the most critical areas for a mobile project is Visual designs. Starting from professional photography, intense branding, illustrations, even videos- to handling visual design on your own without an experienced app developer results in inconsistency.
Complex Back-end Structure
Whether to present data from multiple existing “legacy” systems or to save profile information for your users and customize their interaction with the system or to add e-commerce to your app, you will need to build a back end server system to go with your app for added security measures. This is where you might find the need for external assistance most pressing.
There is no substitute to handle these hurdles. Nerds have and still come up with ingenuous solutions to track issues, identify bugs and troubleshoot them time and again. But for us, building an app that sells must come before everything else and hiring an external firm that specialises in apps won’t be all that bad.

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