Thursday, July 3, 2014

How Do You Choose between Business Apps vs. Mobile Optimised Sites

According to a new report from Adobe- even though we see the massive growth in mobile traffic, almost half (45%) of businesses still don’t have a mobile-optimized site or app.

When it comes to comparing the cost of building an app versus a mobile site, small businesses on a tight budget consider the latter can be a cheaper and more straightforward solution, but ultimately it will come down to the bespoke needs of each individual business. Let’s see how!

Business Apps vs. Mobile Optimised Sites

·         Audience Reach: Anyone with mobile browser can view a mobile website whereas mobile app insists individuals to have appropriate device.
·         User experience: While the mobile site is limited by band width, a professional mobile app developer can help you with an app with absolute user experience.
·         Ease of Development: A mobile site ultimately requires standard web development tools and technologies. A mobile app is built on an Operating System, unique programming language for deploying.
·         Development Resource: Mobile website falls under “built once and deploy on all device”. Except for cross platform application development, all the apps are built on individual device and OS.
·         Cost of Development: Comparing mobile website and app, the former is less expensive.
·         Ease and speed of implementation: Mobile website is generally available in short time but apps require submission, download and installation before use.
·         Updates and Maintenance: Most of the website is easily updated. Coming to apps- with respect to iPhone application development, it requires resubmission process.

As a bottom line, mobile apps can be expensive to develop, manage and maintain. Even then, as more and more functionality and business-focused apps are being developed beneficial to the enterprise. This really adds value when you are looking at an entire organisation and an expanding mobile workforce.

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