Friday, July 11, 2014

Will Android Make up to Business Mobile Platform

After the recent announcement, SAP and Samsung to collaborate in promoting Android OS for small and medium-sized businesses mobile security and management has far grown. For a long time the world’s largest enterprises depend on SAP applications for their critical business processes. However, the coming of iPhone application development for business has changed the app market itself.

It is doubted if Android could take its rightful place in a corporate environment if not taken care of certain 
factors. Let’s have a glance at each of them.

Top 4 Vulnerabilities That Can Happen In Android Business Apps
·         Security problems: Contrary to a stereotype, hackers are well aware that the majority of Android users are newbie. Since it is open source, the official app store Google Play can include malicious code that can became a major drawback. Careful!
·         Platform Fragmentation: With completely different characteristics and sizes of screens different versions of Android can be installed meaning the operating system has to support many hundreds of combinations of different screen sizes and hardware set. This might leads to some bugs but with the release of the latest Android KitKat Google has however changed it.
·         Lack of High-Quality Software: Undeniably, most often innovative applications appear first for iOS and then for Android.  In other words, IOS app developers already a cult on that won’t mind to develop for the latter one, be it the "consumer" apps, entertainment applications, or even specialized business software.
·         Less Battery Life Span:  Android Smartphone doesn’t assure how long it can run on a single battery charge. But anyway this factor depends on the software and OS version. That way iPhone is still a better choice than an Android-Smartphone.

As a bottom line, there is always a possibility that Developing for Android NYC will work as quickly as a top gadget from Samsung or HTC. But then the hunt for convenient devices for business on this platform is always a compromise but for a budget to start up with... it is still worth investment.

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