Wednesday, July 16, 2014

5 Fool Proofs Reasons Why Users Will Hate Your Mobile Apps

There are times when app developers spend months in building one for their end users only to see low adoption rates upon completion. And a lot of questions arise to understand what makes users dislike your app.

There could be several reasons for a failure in mobile app development, infact. Let’s see a few of which are very obvious because of hiring a wrong expert.

Building Applications That Can Turn Back Your Users

User adoption problems usually occur when app developers...

Assume Things:

One of the biggest mistakes developers make is assuming that the end user knows exactly what they need which is not true.

Better Approach: developers need to ask the right questions to understand the idea and collaborate with the users to design and develop a successful application.

Communication Gap

Once the users explain what they want developers stop communicating with them for next few months only to understand both aren’t happy. Why?

Better approach: showing the users designs and demonstrating features occasionally, and not just in the beginning.

Invoking Wrong Person

Throughout the entire process the developers work with the managers and create exactly what they ask for. But unfortunately, this is not the one users are looking for.
Better Approach: Ensure the actual end users want the same and not just their managers.

Slow App Development Process

After collecting the specifications from the users, developers spend months to build the requested applications from scratch. When they’re done with the project the users might have what they asked for but today’s evolving business environment wouldn’t need it any more.
Better Approach: Don’t try to re-invent the wheel when developing enterprise apps. 

Inadequate Training

Users might turn away from your app for two problems: Either they don’t understand how the application will help them or fail to understand.

Better Approach: annual trainings are critical for new hires and to teach best practices for use.

Delivering an application that upset your users which is why make sure you avoid the problems listed above in your next app development project.

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