Thursday, July 3, 2014

Steps To Maintain Security during Apps Creation

Mobile security is becoming extremely important as it provokes storing a lot of personal information. With world turning to mobile applications for gaming and business, what if they download malware unconsciously?

It can be either masked as a game, or other useful applications which could be really hard to distinguish from a legitimate one. Given below are the few steps involved to maintain security when developing for android.

How Can You Ensure Security in Mobile App Development?


Even from the very first stage of mobile application development lifecycle i.e. integration security needs to be tightened. While planning your app design with security concern, chance is more to decrease the risks appearing in the later stages.

Mobile App Design Stage:

Since this stage involves collecting and analyzing of data, understanding of the documentation, and the different OS' for which the mobile app is developed, it is important to understand the various restraints and complications that can occur in terms of security.

App Development Stage

The major issues happen here and it requires addressing your concerns to a third party i.e. a 
Mobile App Development company to fix the bugs and track other security vulnerabilities.

Testing and Deployment:

Building security test cases guarantees that there won’t be any further threats and other concerns. This will allow the app developers and team to use these test cases for creating a regular analysis of your mobile app. And later the production team works in close cooperation to provide complete app security.

Security Training

Despite the fact that app developers have some basic level of knowledge concerning the mobile app security field, they require obligatory security training to understand the best practices for mobile application development of high quality.

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