Monday, July 21, 2014

Getting Smart with Developing a Mobile App- What Should You Know

Despite the many challenges, implementing mobility for both workforce and consumers is prioritized among many industries. There’s a “cool factor” to many great apps but a slow and bug-riddled one can negatively affect the return on investment and can also harm a company’s reputation.

This is why it is important to have some insights mobile applications development for your business.

First, User’s Expectations from an App

Even though, a couple of years back mobile websites were on the stands, as days passed by the overwhelming majority of Smartphone users (85 percent) prefer mobile apps over mobile websites for three reasons: Convenience, fastness and Easy browsing.
And what should be doing on this? The most common performance issues annoying app users are crashing, lagging and sluggish load times.

Secondly, Never Neglect These Critical Factors

Whether your app soars or sinks into oblivion, thorough functionality testing should be a priority from the very beginning of mobile app development whilst Developers considering examining things like audio and video playback, and script and library compatibility.

Thirdly, Testing User Interface and Usability

Successful mobile app development means a brilliant user interface and usability leveraging a quality front-end experience for users that keep your app high on the list of popular downloads.
And what should you do? Simple! Ensure the mobile application development company you hire has got a mobile app testing platform for real-time analytics and the data they need to not only 
solve problems.

Last But Not Least, App Store Ranking

An app performance and response time correlates to user adoption. For instance, an app with a 4.5-star review will be downloaded nearly four times more than an app with a 3.5-star review. Only comprehensive testing of functionality and user experience can reliably make the difference in how well an app is appreciated by users.

Are you willing to develop a cost-effective solution? Keep in mind, functionality and user experience can make the difference in how well an app is appreciated by users.

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