Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mobile Apps Development to Give Away Platform-Centric Approach

Till date, a general practice in enterprise app development is that a team would be deployed for each platform where the process is performed parallel. But what happens here is that when the same app released in four different platforms at the same time, majority of them fail and that reflects on the downfall of that organisation.

Is there an escape route to break free out of this shackle? Yes we do.

The New Approach

A few organizations have started adopting a feature centric app development approach where you focus more on features which will result in finer outcome. In precise, you have high probabilities of being well received among the audience.

This means of iPhone apps development can be easily incorporated on various platforms. As such they need to adhere to the coding standards, UX and UI designs methodologies of these platforms. Obviously, one can’t do it on his own but with an absolute professional team of iPhone app developers, each single feature has to be created so that the outcome is flawless and there is going to be no duplications.

Migrating To Feature-Centric App Development

Once an organization has decided to make use of this approach, it has to meet basic prerequisites.

·         Hire a core team to develop an iPhone app that has proper understanding of why the app is being built and what content is the app going to deliver to the customer. In case if it’s a service centric mobile app, the team should have a complete knowledge on the services and its purpose.
·         Secondly, the team should look forward towards a way in which these services can be provided through the mobile platform.
·         Lastly, it has to deploy to work on the UI and the transformations of these features into the mobile platform

The feature based development strategy will work out well as there are no restrictions demanding platform-specific expertise till the implementation stage. It also saves time, money, and efforts. Do you think adapting to this new development approach will improve the success ratio of the apps developed? Share your thoughts.

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