Monday, October 27, 2014

Sharing the Secrets Of IOS8 for App Vendors: Better Experience-Better Life

Apple announced iOS 8 will be very interactive- a feature that has long been available to Android app developers and long sought after by iOS app developers. Most interestingly, they also announced "extensibility," feature to let users to share data and interact with one another.

Underscoring the battle between iOS and Google's (NASDAQ: GOOG) Android, the company has unveiled a wide range of new tools and services available to its iOS developers gearing towards making it easier for developers to build iOS applications and making those applications easier to find and use by customers. Let’s see a few of such important tools in detail.

CloudKit: A new service from Apple that will store applications' data in order the ease the job for developers to build cloud-based services for their iOS applications.

Metal: This new technology works with the OpenGL specification to speed up the performance of graphically intensive iOS games apps development for companies like Unity and Epic Games.

Apple ID Management: All these years, Apple IDs & billing info could only be changed through that oh-so-passe program called iTunes on a computer but with iOS8, you can update your info right through your phone and forget wiping the dust off your laptop screen.

Extended Privacy:  The new OS offers a hide function for photos and App Store purchases in order to conceal your private photos.

Swift- a new programming language for iOS developers: Seated alongside Objective C and Python, Swift will make developing iOS applications easier and quicker.

App bundles: Specifically created for developers, Apple will allow the experts to create short videos of their apps that can be viewed by App Store shoppers and let them sell groups of applications at a discount.

As a result, these wide range of new services and initiatives within iOS 8 offers better user experience. So why deny it?

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