Monday, October 20, 2014

3 Influential Ways of Casting Mobile Apps into Shopping Trends

Increased usage of the Internet and especially mobile for shopping, most often consumers interact with online coupons, and deals. A global research says about 1.2 billion of users make use of their mobile devices to access several websites, plus 15 % of online traffic is via mobile commerce which force the online shopping businesses to transform their ecommerce business to the mcommerce..

Nowadays, the mobile app developers and designers have largely contributed in mobile application development for shopping which force mobile users to stick with their devices. Add to the value, the coming of responsive web design makes website itself automatically adapt to the mobile resolutions without decreasing the quality of a website.

This article concentrates on three important factors that drive your mobile app development efforts for shopping cart development.

The biggest advantage of mobile application for shopping is that it creates a brand visibility besides which many users tend to recommend the mcommerce app if they found it valuable and useful. It is found that by 2016, more than 50% of the mobile users will prefer to complete their transactions through the m-wallet.

Mobile devices with touch-screen technology offer a rich user experience so that it impacts purchasing behaviour of the customers. Rather than customers preferring to buy from another website, a mobile app that loads faster or transaction carried swiftly in one step make you app development a grant success.

The success factor to every mcommerce completely depends on the way the mobile applications are developed. The users can evaluate the cost by comparing it with other prior to make purchase. 47% users have confessed that they surf information about the regional stores via their mobile phones before making purchase. And, 42% of users verify the inventory before ordering and 60% of customers prefer to stay at home and buy.

Summing up, the best advantage of mobile commerce is that shoppers, regardless to any geographical terms can easily complete their purchases and payment via their mobile devices safely.

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