Wednesday, October 29, 2014

5 Expenses That Might Surprise You during An App Development

With enterprise mobile app development outpacing desktop applications, here’s bound to be some surprises along the way. But many first timers with a limited understanding of the true costs of developing a mobile app happen to believe that development cost starts and ends with the developer.

This outlines to the big question of the hour: What unexpected costs should businesses plan for when developing an Android or iPhone apps?

5 Unexpected Costs to Watch Out For When Building Mobile Apps For Your Business

1. Keeping an App in the App Store Isn’t Free

For businesses heading into mobile app development need to understand the fact that Apple and Microsoft charge $99 per year, while Google charges a one-time $25 fee- certainly aren’t deal breakers, of course.This applies for native and hybrid apps and not for mobile web apps.

2. Building Mobile Apps for Multiple Platforms Costs More

As a matter of fact, each mobile platform requires different programming languages as in like native mobile iOS app won’t work on Android and an Android app won’t work on iPhones. The cost is more expensive considering that you need specialized engineers for both OS.

3. Unaware Of How Much Actually Takes Place on A Server

From registration, to backup, to sync etc, backend data programming could spike up development costs very quickly. So here’s the quick question. Where do you store your mobile app data? In case it is a data-driven application, you must store the data somewhere.  But on the cloud, you will have monthly hosting costs depending on the provider and the amount of data stored.

4. The Necessity of Testing Your App

People commonly think that their design will provide a great experience and the app will work perfectly immediately. But it isn’t. Only with thorough testing, you can ensure that people are finding the app valuable but then, it will cost more money up front.

5. Maintenance And Updating Costs

Mobile market is constantly shifting between OS or changes in the APIs and device compatibility updates. But bear in mind that maintenance cost far outweighs the initial cost of building the app when your users are more focussed on rich features.

Building apps for consumer distribution is a very important point but unfortunately, this is not cheap.

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