Friday, October 24, 2014

5Types of iPhone Owners You Shall Come Across After iOS8 launch

Whenever a new iPhone launches, upgrade the existing phone to the new model has a tightly knit to hardware-and-software ecosystem, can say. Here are some thoughts about different types of buyers and whether they should get one.

With iOS8, the iPhone 6 delivers a bigger screen while remaining easy to handle catching attention of Smartphone users.


Excited about everything Apple, this group of people own every version of the iPhone. It is like they own a t shirt and most of the time they avoid washing it just because they are afraid of their logo getting faded. 

Fanboy keeps on blaming other operating systems and believes that iPhone is the best among all. Create an iphone apps and they will figure out how worth it is to have it on hand.

Desk job

These are kind of Iphone owners who keep two their Iphone as an iPod and use the former on the places like gym. Making calls doesn’t hit them but still love to keep iPhone.

The Complainers

These owners of iPhone own a device because it is trendy, and utterly they do not know much about phone and use it only as style statement or fashion. Developers, no matter how hard they try to develop an iphone app, these people keep on blaming that the size of iPhone Is difficult to handle missing their Nokia phone.

The Seniors

iPhone users who even don’t know how to get benefits out of an iPhone fall under this type. These are the set of people who can amaze at the first look whose typing speed is one word per minute and use default ring tones. Developing apps for them is a maze drive. 

The Hackers 

These ordained iphone users jailbreak their device from day one, use it to remote start their car, for calls on Skype and uses WiFi. They do nothing but winning around the device from the touch screens to censorship. 

iOS 8 is here to stay for a big margin of mobile application developments when compared to the features of a Smartphone with other early birds. 

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