Wednesday, October 29, 2014

HTML5 Mobile App Development- The Right Way To Go for Your Business

Most of the new development in mobile apps is being driven by focus on user experience. And with a recent study showing how less is the patience threshold of a user is, adding to the point of maximum user experience.

Along with growth in the number of data points, more enterprises now require to implement a cross-platform development strategy and HTML5 has become the preferred platform.

Rich User Experience at Low Cost

The key driver of html5 mobile app development is powerful audio and video support, highly advanced accessibility and more storage capabilities. Also, HTML5 reduces the risk of vendor lock-in as it is an open format interchangeable between mobile and web. Developers wanting greater choice of tools and more support in the open source community are not limited by proprietary plug-ins.

Cross-platform compatibility

The most attractive features of HTML5 is its compatibility across a range of devices, whether that’s iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry. Though it takes longer time to create an HTML5 app than it does to create a single native app, over looking at the fact, multiple apps need to be developed while you only have to build it once using HTML5.

To Create Good Trade-Off Hybrid Apps

native apps (and can indeed be published on app stores) are fairly popular nowadays so does hybrid apps built using web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript and then ‘wrapped’ in a native container.
The Drive of Huge Developers Community.

One of the biggest advantages is the huge community that involves front-end and back-end developers to providing new tools and support. Either directly or indirectly most of the companies develop product or services cordially on the web. This whole ecosystem of applications is developed by a thriving community of developers who understand the backend side of the equation.

As I conclude, HTML5 has got both advantages and limitations, but leveraging the former and overcome the latter is what sets apart successful enterprise business apps. Choose the right tool for the right job!


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