Friday, October 10, 2014

5 Impressive Tools That Aide in Creating A Mobile Game App

From kids to teenagers to old grannies, who on earth doesn’t like to play mobile games? Temple run has caught most of us and candy crush has become a stress-buster, steal some hours just to play while on the break.

Creating new and unique games for all age groups, mobile apps developer have a HUGE responsibility based on the variety of OS available and, the necessary tools. This post is a house for the 5 essential mobile game app development tools to develop free version, and in some cases the paid version to enjoy some nice fun moments.


Develop a single code base using this tool and, app developers can publish the game to various platforms with high quality and high speed to keep the gamers engaged. Besides, the interface and environment used here are pretty interesting and interactive.


Known to be one of the most popular game development tools, even heavy gamers are aware of unity. Used to build games for both 2D and 3D action games, this tool allows you to develop games that can be integrated across platforms, and also extends to various gaming consoles.


This technology is one of the biggest in the world of mobile game app development available in present time in almost all the mobile app supported devices. It lets you build mobile games that possess high quality and speed, and all it needs is the openGL ES emulator to create bug-free apps.


Planning to create a multi platform game? Then you should necessarily choose the Marmalade SDK as your mobile game app development tool. Developers can use C++ or Xcode or even Visual Studio to build your game on various platforms like iOS, Windows, Android, and Blackberry etc.

Marmalade Juice- a cross platform development module within Marmalade offers platform specific codes and features for the major OS named above.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine 3 source code comes with the unreal engine development kit basically integrated with middleware technologies to develop games that will work across various platforms. Whilst used to develop next gen power gaming, it is available for high end gaming consoles, and for different OS.

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