Monday, November 10, 2014

5 Major Challenges While Integrating Apple’s Ibeacon into Your Online Business

No surprise that beacons are currently the fastest-growing market segment for in-store devices. Apple’s iBeacon technology allows retailers to use a network of small, constantly-broadcasting wireless devices to communicate with apps that are installed on nearby consumers’ iPhones.

This post communes the seven challenges to plan for how you will integrate iBeacon into your business.

What Features Do We Need?

Without understanding your customer preferences and how iBeacon can make their shopping or brand experience that much better. Also, it use cases vary wildly between businesses so that retail stores might show a discount coupon for a specific product.

Signal Quality Becomes an Important Factor

In iBeacon app development, signal quality becomes an important factor subjected to signal degradation issues that can be caused by absorption and reflection. Understanding that your mobile apps will be faced with variable signal quality from local iBeacons is critical and this should be factored in to your overall development plan and pre-launch testing.

Obtaining Customer’s Permission

Without an iBeacon-enabled mobile app nearby to receive its signal and generate an appropriate response- it is of no use. Two primary goals include

* should be to push as many individuals as possible to install your mobile apps,

* obtaining their permission to receive communication from nearby iBeacons

Having said so, you’ll need to figure out how to communicate all of this information to the customer installing your app in a positive and easily-understood way.

Bound To Generate a Ton of Data

Dependent on your business and your iBeacon strategy you’re bound to generate a ton of data. Sya for instance, if you have your mobile apps reporting details of every transactions, then you need to  keep a close eye on the volume of data being generated during the development process and have a plan for how you’re going to make the best use of it.

Getting your iPhone App Approved

A new iBeacon-powered mobile app is subjected to intense scrutiny during the App Store review process and can be denied for any number of reasons. Therefore, ensure to explain how the app will benefit your customers and how to best use it. Bear in mind, receiving iBeacon notifications can impact battery life and this should be noted as well.

Keeping these 5 challenges when planning your Apple’s iBeacon strategy, you will be well on your way to developing a successful iphone application.

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