Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How Can You Now Enhance Employee Productivity with Apps

With the growing trend of IT consumers and the bring-your-own-device, mobile users now have a wealth of software literally at their fingertips. There are many enterprises with developing strategies centered on the development of proprietary mobile applications. Meanwhile, there are increased management complexity, security risk and compliance problems with ubiquitous use of mobile applications, too.

If you aren’t aware, here are the three issues you need to look into when laying a foundation for worker productivity with mobile applications:

Underestimating User’s Persona

Business users need to access and use applications in different ways regardless to the location. Say for instance, mobile professional accessing a high number and variety of applications while working in different locations and those using a limited number of apps solely in a single location will have particular privileges.Understanding this fundamental lets you create an environment of increased worker productivity without putting proprietary corporate information at undue risk.

Lack of Delivery Options

In today’s IT frameworks application delivery is based on managed service, on-premises, self-service application store, public or private cloud. If given proper security and assured policies, it is possible to establish and manage proper access for different applications to different user constituencies, and on different mobile devices.

Ignoring Mobile Application Management

Ensure the important combination of access, utility and security which can be made possible with mobile application management. However, recommended the right MAM solution to control and stay flexible without requiring extensive developer resources for changing source code or embedding software developer kits.

No wonder, mobile applications are considered the “next new thing” for driving employee productivity. In that case, why not organisations develop assured safeguards that protect corporate data, ensure compliance and provide cost-efficient application delivery and provisioning.

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