Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How Can Enterprise Mobile App Owners Leverage Against Security Issues

Data security has become the finest threat and leveraging the flexibility and increased productivity
offered by mobile apps while keeping sensitive data away from those that shouldn’t have access
to it.

We’ll discuss on a few security issues that enterprise mobile app owner’s face, and a few steps
that can be taken to avoid them.

Data Slurping

During app installation, users are provided with a list of permissions to access saved files, location data, the ability to transmit and receive messages from the device and more.

Data slurping can be tough so, you’ll want to use mobile device management policies to restrict the apps that can be installed via a “whitelist” of approved mobile apps.

Insecure File Transfers via Apps

How easy to access/ copy a document via emails through an open service or shared using Google Drive? Very well!

* Ensure that your employees are not transferring data or company files by using third-party software.

* Also, consider having a custom mobile app developed which can handle on-device
encryption and secure transmission of data.

Malware Installed Directly

Tens of thousands of pieces of mobile app malware are discovered each year which is sometimes
believed to be a game app but only to leech out all of the data stored on it.

You’ll want to ensure that any work-related data on the user’s device is encrypted, either inside of
a custom mobile app or another secure container.

Device Loss or Theft

If an employee loses a work device filled with sensitive information, of course the data is being

* You’ll need to work to mitigate the potential damage of your devices if fallen into the
wrong hands

* Also, ensure it is possible to wipe data from any device that might have sensitive
information on it, remotely.

As an end note, there have been numerous instances of Android malware causing headaches while Apple app development has a stellar track record of keeping malware out of the App Store.

So, making a wise choice of well-coordinated strategy led by IT departments, and app development experts lies in you.

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