Monday, November 10, 2014

How Can Mobile Apps Help Break Bad Habits, Permanently?

Can it be really challenging to ensure that we’re staying true to our “good” habits? Well, yes says a recent survey conducted in New York. Whilst the world has already turned modernistic, a few mobile app developers stepped up to the plate to deliver habit-breaking smartphone apps that anyone can download to help kick a bad habit once and for all.

Let’s check out a few of sample apps and who knows you might get a better idea for your next app development project?

Kwit to Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes is absolutely terrible for your health. If you’re a smoker and ready to kick the habit, then download Kwit that turns the act of quitting in to a bit of a game.


* Keeps you motivated by supplying you with stats about your progress and how much money you’ve saved.

* Rewards with various achievements and allows you to quickly share your success on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Brush DJ for Oral Health

Not spending enough time brushing and flossing each day? Brush DJ aims at simple approach to get you brushing for the correct amount of time.


* Hit the play button and you’ll be instructed to brush or floss for two minutes while being entertained with music from one of your favourite on-device songs.

* Set up custom playlists and schedule reminders for when it’s time to toss away your toothbrush or visit the dentist.

Procraster to Fight against Procrastination

One of the most productivity-sapping habits you can engage in, Procraster aims to help you understand “why” you’re not completing the task at hand.


* Allows you to set up rewards to help keep you motivated

* Check in on your stats to see that the app is helping you to break your bad habits

Mint to Stop Spending Outside of Your Budget

Been overspending? App developers have created this popular app Mint to help you set and manage a monthly budget.


* Sync your bank accounts, credit cards and lines of credit to the app to receive notifications of late fees and spending outside of your budget.

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