Friday, March 13, 2015

Top Android L Features Developers Should Know

It has been some time since Android Lollipop hit the market. With improved functionalities and performance enhancements, Android L has truly shaken the sloth out of its lazy competitors. In this article, we analyse the top features of Lollipop that have made it such a resounding success among users, lay and techie alike.

1. Material design
  • The best Android feature by far has been its Material design, a complete UI overhaul which introduces a lot of new 3D features and textural elements into Android.
  • It’s made to run on different types of devices, from your tablet to Smartphone to your laptop and TV.
2. Improved notifications
  • A new notification style pops up at the top of the screen irrespective of the application you are in, allowing you to respond or dismiss it.
  • Notifications don't clutter your lock screen, and only important ones show up there.
3. New lock screen
  • Part of Android L’s redesign is its new lock screen which shows you notifications.
  • If you do not have a lock pattern or another unlocks method, you’ll need to swipe up to unlock. You can also swipe right to launch the dialer or swipe left to launch the camera.
4. Quick settings
  • There is no need to tap an icon or use two fingers to access your quick settings in Android L. All you need to do is just swipe down from the top of the notification panel.
  • This is a huge improvement that makes it easier to find these settings (especially for casual users).
5. Battery saver 
  • Google’s Project Volta has brought some really good battery improvements to mobile devices.
  • With an in-built battery saver that detects when your handset is low on charge, the battery saver automatically reduces CPU load and display brightness.
6. Recent apps
  • The recent apps menu has also undergone a significant makeover with Android L.
  • The recent apps section now has a Google Now card style layout. The open apps are on a kind of carousel and you can swipe them off to either side to close them.
7. Personal Unlocking
  • This new feature enables users to unlock their Smartphone when they are physically near to a device like an Android SmartWatch.
  • Android L has also officially switched to “ART”, the more efficient compiler that improves battery life and performance.

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