Saturday, March 21, 2015

8 Unmissable Benefits of Mobile Commerce Apps

Ecommerce has witnessed a massive growth over the last few years and mobile commerce is steadily stepping into its shoes now. It’s offered through apps instead of websites, and it is being quickly embraced by businesses of all sizes. If you’re not fully aware of the benefits that accrue from mobile commerce, they’re here for you:

1.       Mcommerce apps bring more sales – Javelin Strategy and Research statistics show that sales through mobile devices came close to $60 billion last year, which is a 300% increase from the previous year. This in turn means more revenue and more power to the consumer.
2.       Mobile apps get you more customers – Mobile commerce apps, particularly those with built-in virality, can bring in new customers. EBay proved this with 40% of its new customers being via mobile, contributing around $35 billion to its sales.
3.       App users grow more connected to brands – Customers become loyal to brands that ensure higher mobility. Adobe reports that 42% of Smartphone shoppers say their brand connection grew after they used the service provider’s mobile app.
4.       Keep customers engaged – Customer engagement matters a great deal in the industry to keep loyal customers from straying away. Research shows that 67% of dedicated customers want apps from their favourite stores. Better cater to this need right away.
5.       Mcommerce is more in demand than ecommerce – Statistics from Adobe also show that 49% of shoppers wanted to use apps than a mobile browser not to mention a web browser.
6.       Smartphone’s make mobile shopping easier – Majority of shoppers have gone mobile, especially since they can shop easily, compare and read reviews through their mobiles.
7.       Mobile saves you money – According to Nielsen, more than 30% of Smartphone users their devices to avail mobile coupons. As shoppers believe in their knack of saving money, they are likely to buy more from you and spread the word about your business.

8.       The Social connections paradigm – By integrating social media into your app, you can let your clients discuss the product or service that you offer and suggest it to others. Statistics show that 20% use their mobile devices to comment through social media about their experiences.

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