Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Top Features of iOS 8 that Stand Out

It’s been quite some time since iOS 8 hit the market. Since then, it has generated lots of excitement among the users and rightly so. But there are some features in iOS 8 that stand out from the rest and make it special. We look at some of them in this article.

Response to Notifications

Responding to notifications has been made easy too as one can reply to messages without opening the messaging app. The same feature is added to calendar notifications and FaceBook too.

Developers can now build widgets for notifications where real time updates can be flashed consistently on just about any topic.

SIRI is More Responsive

SIRI has now become more useful while driving with better hands-free use. SIRI with Shazam can now recognize songs and also buy tracks through Amazon.

Touch ID for all

Third-party apps can now use the Touch ID feature with fingerprint data. So mobile payments become easier and so does social sharing.

Mail Navigation with a Swipe

With the mail app you can just swipe to flag and delete messages. Swiping down minimizes the draft for accessing other mails while a tap at the bottom will reopen the draft.

Spotlight Finds More

Similar to OS X Yosemite, Spotlight here too, will aid you in searching apps within the device as well as web locations outside. Spotlight throws up results from the music library and iTunes.

Keyboard Gets Smarter

Predictive typing finally comes to the iOS, in the form of QuickType which suggests words and phrases 
depending on the app. Apple now supports third-party keyboards too, including Swype.

Advanced Photos and Camera Options

iOS 8 provides the Photos app with smart editing tools along with individual tools available to fine tune the images. You can now adjust the brightness, exposure, contrast, shadows etc. The framework will be available to third-party developers too.

Unifying Medical Data through Health Kit 

Health kit combines all your health related in a centralized place. You can share information received from medics and if your health indicators are not optimal, the app can even contact the hospital and doctor.

Family Sharing Lets You Spread Media Around

With the family sharing feature, you can share photos and event calendars within the family including share iTunes and app Store purchases with up to six people. In addition, parents will be notified if their children try to buy something online.

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