Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Developing Mobile Apps – Basic Skills that You Need

To succeed in developing mobile apps, you basically need two skills that are essential. Regardless of whether you develop applications to land a mobile app development job or plan to sell these apps directly.

To ensure success in the field of mobile app development, it is important that you have what is known as object-oriented programming skills. Most languages are based on the OOP concept; Java being the most popular among them.

But this is quite a steep learning curve. Complete grasp of object oriented programming concepts is a must if you want to start creating mobile applications. It’s not that only Java or Java-based programming languages are used. But no matter what language is used, you need to possess the basic skills.

The second competency that you need to have, to succeed in mobile development is solid graphic design skills. Coding skills are necessary but not sufficient. Even if you are not a talented graphic design artist, you must have some sense of images and their placement. Mobile application development would most likely to turn into a really hard job if you do not have possess the required graphic sense at all, even if you have the necessary skills in programming the functionality.

People with ample object oriented programming skills and solid graphic design skills are in a much better position to build successful applications developed for mobile platforms. Apart from these two, there are other skills which you need like Marketing skills, for instance, that are highly important when the time comes for you to start selling the mobile applications you have developed. If you don’t have an idea as to what app to develop, you can begin by looking at your target audience and figure out what they need or look for.

For this, you need to be skilled at gathering market data. True, these skills are not technical or even the core skills that one needs to develop mobile apps. But, they play an equally important role at the juncture you need them. So finally, graphic design that aids in enhancing the UI of the application, as well as the programming model and programming language used, are the ones that make up the core technical skills required for developers. That is why we say OOP skills and graphic design capability are considered to be the fundamental, important skills that anyone who wishes to succeed in developing applications for mobile platforms should have.

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