Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Benefits of Cross-Platform Development

There are many things that occupy our mind when we develop an app for our business. Be it Android or iOS, mobile web or mobile browser, we think along the same lines: flexibility, responsive design, security, speed, and performance. But, what plays an overarching role in the success or failure of an app beyond all this is the app’s Cross Browser Capability. This article looks at the benefits of developing apps with Cross-platform-capability and its implications for the end-user.

1) Huge target audience

When you target multiple platforms, it becomes easier to reach more users. Cross platform mobile development strategy can also target mobile platforms on their individual market share. Therefore a company can decide the mobile platforms it wants to target depending on its user demography.

2) Reduced cost of building the app

Cross-platform development allows you to maintain an app and deploy changes easily, as the app runs on multiple operating systems. If the app is updated, the updated version will get synced across the different platforms. Thus, cross platform mobile development reduces the cost of creating and updating the application.

3) Maintain Uniform Look And Feel

Developers often write additional code to maintain the design and feel of the app across different operating systems and devices. While you develop a single app for multiple platforms, a single code runs on those platforms. So, there is no need to deploy multiple teams to maintain the overall design and feel of the app across those platforms.

4) Option to use popular technologies

Technologies like HTML5 has made it easier for developers to build cross platform mobile apps. They can also use specialized tools like Appcelerator to code in HTML5, and then convert the code for other mobile platforms. It becomes easier therefore, for an organization to hire the right programmers for the cross platform mobile application development project.

5) Easy to market the app

When an app does not cater to any particular set of people, no niche message needs to be created. It can be promoted by simply creating generalized messages to target users irrespective of the choice of their mobile platform or device.

The developers, however, must consider some important factors when developing cross platform mobile applications. Apart from choosing the right cross platform mobile framework and tools, they also need to take advantage of the flexibility provided by each mobile platform. 

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